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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

IMVC Manila is named after the award-winning ENT surgeon, Dr. Nobuhiko Isshiki. He invented and perfected the procedures now known as Isshiki thyroplasty types I, II, III and IV. This type of thyroplasty came about when Dr. Isshiki treated a patient who sustained a neck injury from getting kicked in karate class. During the consultation, he noticed that the patient’s voice was altered due to the injury which affected the larynx (voice box). This simple observation noted by a brilliant mind gave rise to these surgical procedures that would later on help thousands of patients with voice disorders and those who have dreamt of having a voice that better aligned with their gender identity.

About IMVC Manila

The first Isshiki Memorial Voice Center was built in Kyoto, Japan and continues to serve patients with voice concerns to this day. It is owned and operated by Dr. Shinya Hiroshiba, who was mentored by Dr. Masahiro Tanabe and Dr. Nobuhiko Isshiki, who pioneered the different types of thyroplasties being offered at IMVC.

IMVC Manila is the first international branch outside Japan with Filipino ENT surgeons who directly trained under Dr. Nobuhiko Isshiki, Dr. Masahiro Tanabe and IMVC president, Dr. Shinya Hiroshiba.

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